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The following information was compiled using Infoseek on August 7, 1997.

Kathleen (Lehnherr) Ely

Pam (Lehnherr) Gull

James A. Hoffman

Leslie Kay Holmes

Susan Kay Lehnherr Holmes

Andreas Lehnherr

Brian K. Lehnherr

Catherine Lehnherr

Crystal Lehnherr

David Lehnherr

Jakob Lehnherr

Jakob Lehnherr (1834-1908)


David Robert Lehnherr

Hansjoerg Lehnherr

J. Tim Lehnherr

Jean Lehnherr

Jolanda Lehnherr

John Lehnherr

Mario Lehnherr

Michelle Lehnherr

Patrick J. Lehnherr

Rene Lehnherr

Rene Lehnherr

Richard E. Lehnherr

Richard E. Lehnherr

Margaret (Denny) and Frederick Lehnherr

Margaret (Denny) and Frederick Lehnherr (1867-1943)

Gottlieb John

Gottlieb John "GJ/Jack" Lehnherr (1875-1948) and Margaret Barbara Marmet (1874-1960) On their wedding day, October 2, 1895.

Robert Eric Lehnherr
What a great student!

Robert Earl Lehnherr

Robert W. Lehnherr

Sandra Lehnherr

Virgil Dennis Lehnherr, Jr.

Mare Lehnherr Payne

The Frederick Lehnherr Family

The Frederick Lehnherr Family
Ruth, Grace, Hilda
Margaret, John, Fred


The Gotlieb Lehnherr Family
Photo courtesy of Virgil Dennis Lehnherr, Jr.

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Other family names include Andersen, Arbogast, Ashler, Bartell, Baumgartner, Baussan, Benerotte, Berger, Bevit, Blain, Bouslog, Blumer, Briggs, Broderson, Buehler, Caflisch, Case, Chapman, Cofield, Collingham, Davis, Drackley, Edds, Ely, Granger, Gurtner, Hager, Hickmon, Hoeft, Holmes, Huff, Huffman, Johnson, Karsten, Kleve, Kuehne, Leeder, Lord, Lutz, Marmet, Mendez, Meismer, Melrose, Mills, Mitchell, Muhler, Mullinix, Neumann, Olson, Palmer, Ponson, Quattlebaum, Schuetz, Stewart, Sutton, Suyama, Thornton, Valek, Wallace, Waslager, Wittwer, Zahler, Zahner, Zimbelman.

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