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From Kathleen Ely: I'm a beta tester for Web Ferret and did some extensive searching on August 25, 1997. I came up with the following Lehnherr references on web sites, but there's little or no information about the people. Any illumination would be greatly appreciated.

Another:  Lehnherr, Maximillian, DOB 1886, residing Kansas City, MO, 1910, possibly related to Louis Alfred Lehnherr and Elsie Lehnherr. Another:   Elise Lehnherr, DOB 21 June 1862, in Spiez, Canton of Bern, Switzerland. Her father was David Lehnherr and her mother was Magdalena Itten.
Another:  Louis Alfred Lehnherr, DOB 23 Mar 1856, in Spiez, Canton of Bern, Switzerland.   His father was Johann Lehnherr and his mother was Magdalena Loertscher.  

From Bob Lehnherr: In Sabetha, Nemaha County, Kansas there is a bronze plaque of the outside wall of the City Building that lists the names of those who served in World War I.

My father's name is there: Lehnherr, June Lodeen. The other Lehnherr name listed...there nobody I ever talked to knew of his roots...even my father and his mother and father.   I recently found enough about him in a small memorial booklet to add his name to your mysteries list.

His Name:  Lehnherr, Alfred William Lehnherr, Field Remount Squadron 319,
WW1 American Expeditionary Forces. His date of birth would be circa 1900. His name is listed on a Memorial Plaque on the City Building in Sabetha, Nemaha County, Kansas.


Alison Lehnherr

She's on the high honor roll at Lakeside High School in Atlanta, GA.  Another good Lehnherr trait...

Andreas Lehnherr

See this photo, too.

Andreas is a sidecar racer from Team Switzerland, 1996 Sidecar-Cross des Nations in this photo.  The site owner has no further information.

Bernard Lehnherr

This is a "Who's Who of Swiss Regional Development"

Chris Lehnherr

A Swiss site, that shows what I think are bicycle race results. We're probably related to him because he's from Wimmis!

David Lehnherr

Powers High School in Oregon had a great team and David's picture is here.

Donat Lehnherr

Another Swiss site entitled "Club-Info" shows this person as "Materialwart" from Werdenberg.

Ester Lehnherr

A Swiss woman's volleyball team...

Jerry Lehnherr

This Jerry Lehnherr is from Madison, Wisconsin, and this site tells about his parachute jump using a "Raven".  It's on a site that specializes in skydiving and parachute products.

John Lehnherr

He's starting for JV Football at Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, CA.

John P. Lehnherr, Jr.

This site is for 1975 graduates of the U.S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy.   I'm convinced this is my father's twin brother's son, my cousin, Johnny.  I'd love to find out as I haven't seen him in 25 years.

Josh Lehnherr

This site is for the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit (RMEC) Class Race Results for Limon Reliability Trial, held on 5/26/97.  This site is based in Colorado Springs, CO.  I think Josh did well: he's listed as No. 1 in Class Position and No. 2 in Division Position for the 250-C.

From the site owner of RMEC, Leslie Baski:

I don't know much about Josh Lehnherr, he doesn't appear to be a member of the RMEC, but he rode in the Limon reliability trial.   He did not ride any of the other races of our season and place in the top 20 positions (which is all the web would show).  He may be a local to the Limon Colorado area or had a friend that egged him to go to that particular race.  He did do well in the Limon race, 1st in the 250 class is good because that class if very competitive, and 2nd in the division (the division representing all bike sizes for the C division) is a very commendable job.  It is too bad he doesn't race more often.

What is the RMEC?  the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit, a motorcycle enduro race sponsor.  An enduro is a time controlled trail riding race (much like a car rally) in the mountains, woods, and desert.  We (most committee members) are in Colorado but the club spans the rocky mountain region including Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming.

What is the 250 - C class? The "250" is a class distinction which separates different motorcycles sizes, no more then 250 cc of engine displacement.  The "C" division is our amateur or beginner division. The other divisions are "B" and "A", "A" being the professional level.

From Kathleen Ely: Sounds like the kind of dangerous sport a Lehnherr might have fun with...

Mark Lehnherr

This is an article about prep football in Minnesota and Wisconsin, from the LaCrosse Tribune which says "Other new coaches in the area include: Mark Lehnherr at Cashton (see story on Page 18)... "  Now I'm trying to track down page 18 from the reporter...

Melinda Lehnherr
More info

Melinda is listed here as an editor of  a monograph entitled "CANCER INCIDENCE IN NORTH AMERICA, 1988-1992, A Publication of the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries", with Illinois listed after her name.  The second site lists her as the contact person for the Illinois Department of Public Health
Division of Epidemiologic Studies in Springfield, Illinois.  It has to be the same person!

Sebastian Lehnherr

This was a race site in Switzerland; I wish I had saved it to disk, as the file is no longer there.

Sue Lehnherr

Sue appears to be the Nurse Manager at a unit of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing.

A Lehnherr in the sports news in Switzerland...

"Fussball" looks like soccer to me on this Swiss site.

Another mystery...

These Swiss "Yellow Pages" show this listing:

2000 Neuch‚tel
Lehnherr SA rue Fleury 7 (032) 725 30 92

And this?


A Lehnherr is listed here in this Swiss scientific journal for "Ear, Nose and Throat" medicine.

More info needed...


Another Swiss "Yellow Pages" listing for:

9444 Diepoldsau
Lehnherr Burkhard Kirchweg 10 (071) 733 14 33

MAJ Lehnherr???

Richard Lehnherr tells me that this is, of course, MAJOR Lehnherr but when I called the phone number listed, they had no information on him.

A book by a Lehnherr?

Lehnherr M: Imkerbuch SFr. 32.50 2

Hans-Joerge tells me this a book about bees which was not terribly well received...

Mare Lehnherr Payne

Mare is apparently the editor of  Inside Illinois: Faculty/staff newsletter of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

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