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John Jacob Wilford Lehnherr

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John Jacob Wilford LEHNHERR. Born, 27 Oct 1907, in Dodge Co., MN. Died, 29 Aug 1959 (?), in Stillwater, Washington Co, MN (Unsure whether death occurred on 27 or 29 Aug 1959). Burial: Aug 1959 (?). Occupation: Farmer.

He married, first, Mary Lenor LUTZ, 15 Feb 1929, in Red Wing, Goodhue Co, WA. Divorce, circa 1942 (?) (Divorced after 1937 and before 1947; believed to be closer to 1947.). Children:

  1. Donna Margaret. Born, 4 Jun 1930, in Mantorville, MN. She married Robert Francis CLARK, 20 Jan 1951, in Rochester, MN.

  2. Gerald Frederick. Born, 10 Jul 1931, in Minneapolis, MN. Resided, 15 Aug 1991, in Rochester, MN. Occupation: Fireman. He married Darla Jean ARBOGAST, 20 Mar 1954, in Newhampton, IA.

  3. John Phillip. Born, 14 Nov 1993, in Minneapolis, MN. He married Mary Lou KLEVE, 20 Jun 1953, in Rochester, MN.

  4. James Robert. Born 15 Nov 1933, in Minneapolis, MN. Died 25 Dec 1978, in Albuquerque, NM. He married Winifred Faye HUFF, 24 June 1955 (?), in Winona, MN (Date of wedding was either on 24 or 26 Jun 1955).

  5. Darlene Marie.

  6. Dorthea Joyce. Born, 18 Feb 1937, in Rochester, MN. Died 1992 in Albuquerque, NM.

    He married, second, Evelyn LEEDER, 20 Oct 1947, in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN. Children:

  7. Gene Elizabeth. Born, circa 1949 (??).

  8. Margaret Jean. Born, circa 1951 (??).

  9. William Bradley. Born, circa 1952 (??).

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