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Gottlieb John "GJ/Jack" Lehnherr

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Gottlieb John "GJ/Jack" LEHNHERR. (Given name at birth probably Johann Gottlieb. Changed at Immigr?). Born, 24 Apr 1875, in Wimmis, Canton of Bern, SWI. Died, 7 Sep 1948, in Home, Humansville, MO. Burial: Sep 1948, in Sabetha Cemetary, Sabetha, Nemaha Co. KS. Immigration: circa 1890. Occupation: Farmer Plus.

He married, first, Margarete or Margaret Barbara MARMET, 2 Oct 1894, in Zion Reformed Church, Richardson Co. Rattlesnake, NE. Divorce, circa 1932, in Sabetha, Nemaha Co, KS. Children:

  1. June Lodeen

  2. Virgina Marmet. Born 2 Aug 1898, in Dubois, Richardson Co, NE. Died 2 Aug 1894, in Dubois, Richardson Co. NE. Burial Aug 1898, in Wild Rose Cemetary, Richardson Co. NE.

  3. Virgil Dennis

  4. Earl Rudolph

  5. Cecil Martin. Born, 8 Aug 1906, in Alva, OK. Died, 19 Jul 1960, in California. Burial: Jul 1960, in Sabetha Cemetary, Sabetha, Nemaha Co, KS. Occupation: Movie Electrician.

  6. Jewell Margaret Faith. Born, 6 Jun 1912, in Eureka Greenwood Co, KS. Died, 15 Oct 1969, in Kileen, TX. Burial: Oct 1969, in Fort Sam Houston, National Cemetary, TX. Occupation: Secretary and Homemaker. She married (There were no children born of this marriage.) Leonard VALEK, 5 MAr 1949, in Place unknown.

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He married (this proved to be one of his mistakes!), second, Bertha ????, circa 1933, in Guthrie, OK. Divorce, circa 1934, in OK. Born, circa 1878. Occupation: Unknown.

He married (After this marriage he settled down to the life of a poor farmer), third, Louella EATON, circa 1936, in Kansas City, MO, or Eureka, KS. Born, circa 1880. Died, circa 1970, in OH. Burial: circa 1970, in Russell Cemetary, Eaton Plot, Russell, KS. Occupation: Homemaker.

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