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Photo Album

We have used a variety of family photos to enhance the look on our web site, but we thought it was important to include full size reproductions of these photos. All the photos in this album have been sized to around 100K so be prepared for slow loading times, but we hope the wait is worth it!

We've included any biographical information available about the subjects on each page, except for family portraits, which link to the individual's information page. Our photo album is--always--under construction.

Kathleen Carol (Lehnherr) ELY (1955-     )

Frederick LEHNHERR (1867-1943)

Gottlieb John "GJ/Jack" LEHNHERR (1875-1948)

Jakob "Jake" LEHNHERR (1860-??)

James Robert LEHNHERR (1933-1978)

John Jacob Wilford LEHNHERR (1907-1959)

Robert Earl LEHNHERR (1921-     )


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Visit our more extensive photo site at You need to be invited to protect the privacy of our family, so please send an email.

Other family names include Andersen, Arbogast, Ashler, Bartell, Baumgartner, Baussan, Benerotte, Berger, Bevit, Blain, Bouslog, Blumer, Briggs, Broderson, Buehler, Caflisch, Case, Chapman, Cofield, Collingham, Davis, Drackley, Edds, Ely, Granger, Gurtner, Hager, Hickmon, Hoeft, Holmes, Huff, Huffman, Johnson, Karsten, Kleve, Kuehne, Leeder, Lord, Lutz, Marmet, Mendez, Meismer, Melrose, Mills, Mitchell, Muhler, Mullinix, Neumann, Olson, Palmer, Ponson, Quattlebaum, Schuetz, Stewart, Sutton, Suyama, Thornton, Valek, Wallace, Waslager, Wittwer, Zahler, Zahner, Zimbelman.

Just as our family is always growing and changing, so is this web site.
We welcome your comments, corrections, and contributions.

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